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Loving Life, Loving Goats

About Our Goat Herd

Because we don't use pesticides and herbicides in our pastures we wanted to come up with an eco-friendly way to help control weeds and brush on our property. We decided to invest in goats! Goats have a unique characteristics that separates them from almost all other types of livestock because they would rather eat brush and weeds instead of grass (goats are browsers more so than grazers). Additionally, goats can help control brush and weeds without disturbing the existing grass and soil.

In addition to being great for land management, we quickly realized that goats are absolutely adorable! Nigerian Dwarf goats are known for their even tempers and gentle, playful personalities which makes them a great family pet. They are easily trainable and wonderful with children and other animals. Boer goats are great as pets or show goats. Although Boer goats are larger, they have a laid-back personality and docile nature which also makes them a great choice for both children and other animals.

We started our herd with four Nigerian Dwarf doe kids, three Nigerian buck kids and one Boer kid buck. Within a couple of weeks we added nine Nigerian Dwarf and three Boer does as well as one buckling Boer.

We are proud of our beautiful goats and absolutely love them!  Our goats were carefully selected to breed for conformation and health as well as dairy type and genetics bloodlines. We will be breeding both Boer goats and Nigerian Dwarfs to be sold as pet goats. We maintain a closed herd and we practice farm biosecurity for protecting our animals from infectious diseases.

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